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by Neil on SqueakFix
A Miracle
Town: King's Lynn

I have been holding off reviewing the work done to my house as I am not sure that I can find the words to do justice to the work carried out by Squeak Fix. Firstly they are totally honest about the whole process and there were no hidden surprises. The flooring in my new build house is the worst I have encountered anywhere and I was naïve in believing that I could resolve the problem myself. Squeakfix claim that they can achieve a minimum of 95% removal of noise from the floorboards, but I figured that would be a task too far with my house. However, I was keen for them to do what they could and I am delighted to say they achieved 100% success. After being close to completion on the work in my house they would not leave until they were satisfied that I was happy with all works carried out. With all the positive reviews on this board I was sceptical as to the reality of them all, but I am now 100% sure of their sincerity. Thank you to all the Squeak Fix team.

by James on SqueakFix
Town: Leigh

I wanted to thank you for the incredibly positive approach you have take on this job. You have been super professional from start to finish and I commend you on the whole process.

The results on completion are pretty impressive I have to say and very much looking forward to a squeak free year ahead.

by Jim on SqueakFix
Great job by model professionals
Town: London

I can't recommend Wes and the SqueakFix team highly enough. They were brilliant to deal with throughout the whole process - and went above and beyond to help deal with the stress of the situation as well as the repairs themselves. Everything was communicated with 100% clarity, and we're delighted with the results. Thanks guys!

by Alex on SqueakFix
Bedroom floor
Town: Solihull

Great job. Very pleased with end result. Fast efficient and tidy job. Can’t ask for more. Thanks!

by Jonathan on SqueakFix
Peace at last
Town: Berkhamsted

Wez and the team are a top notch professional outfit from top to bottom. SqueakFix have developed what I believe to be a unique solution to creaky and noisy, horrible chip board flooring, which is frankly unfit for purpose, and they 100% deliver. I was hoping for an improvement, not a miracle. Thankfully I got the latter. These guys are hard working and totally dedicated and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

by Asma on SqueakFix
From nightmare to a dream
Town: Bradford

After buying our house we realised the floors were squeaking. As it was a new build we were advised the squeakiness was due to the chipboard advised in the floors. Therefore, we spent £1700 on getting floorboards inserted instead. However, that was not the solution as after getting our carpets fitted the noise level increased. That's when we came across squeakfix. From beginning of the process till the end Lindsay Wes and the team were extremely understanding and helpful. Wes explained the procedure in detail and answered all questions fully. The teams punctuality and level of professionalism was always of the highest standards. They kept the house clean and lived upto their promis. Even though it was an expensive process I can honestly confirm it was definitely worth it. Our next aim is to collect enough to get our stairs done. So guys we will be in touch soon!!!! Thank you ever so much.

by Paul & Dot on SqueakFix
Huge Gratitude
Town: Caldicot

Wes and Brian have completely transformed our first floor in 4 visits. We were desperately trying to find ways of stopping awful cracking coming from the floors upstairs. Every time someone walked on any of the floors upstairs it sounded as if loads of bangers were being set off. After trying everything suggested on line , I found Squeakfix and thank goodness I did. In 4 phases Wes and Brian have transformed our house . They work so hard and really care about finding solutions. Thank you so much !

by Peter on SqueakFix
Quiet at last
Town: Surrey

Quiet at last....after suffering from horribly squeaky floors for a few years in a modern house, we couldn't put up with it any longer. Wes worked his magic and we now have peace and quiet. Yes it was dusty and noisy as the work was being done, but Wes was always professional, checking we were OK and kept the disruption to the minimum. It has been a true transformation and one which I wish we'd done a long time ago. Thank you Squeakfix!

by Sarah on SqueakFix
Well worth doing!
Town: Alton, Hampshire

Wes and Brian recently replaced pretty much the entirety of our first floor which was previously very squeaky and bouncy chip board. I don’t know what magic they use but it was absolutely worth the money and inconvenience. The house feels solid now and no more squeaks!
The only thing more impressive than the outcome was the professionalism, courtesy and diligence of the team - I have never come across two people as hard working as Wes and Brian - they cracked on and were always as neat and tidy as they could be. Very reliable and trustworthy company where the owner is in the job and makes sure it is done perfectly. Would absolutely use again and recommend! Thank you!

by Stewart ~ Kingsley on SqueakFix
Floor replacement
Town: Kingsley

Our first floor has squeaked - badly, very badly - since we moved in to the house 2 years ago. We took the plunge and got Wes in to replace them and not only has the squeaking - completely - Wes and team were by far the most professional and courteous team we have ever used. I can not recommend them more highly if you are need a new floor!

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